Gitchie Girl Uncovered


‘Gitchie Girl’ sequel tells story of brothers convicted in 1973 Gitchie Manitou murders.

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A follow-up to the 2016 book about a locally famous mass murder will be released in the New Year.

Gitchie Girl Uncovered is a companion book to the original, according to co-author Phil Hamman. It will be available Jan. 8, 2019, just a few months after the 40th anniversary of the crime.

The first book, Gitchie Girl, came out in 2016. It told the story of the 1973 murders of four Sioux Falls teenagers in Gitchie Manitou State Park through the eyes of the lone survivor, then-13-year-old Sandra Cheskey.

In Gitchie Girl Uncovered, husband-wife team Phil and Sandy Hamman explore the motivations and backstories of Allen, James and David Fryer, the three brothers found guilty of killing the four teens and raping Cheskey.