Skip Prichard

Skip Prichard is an accomplished global CEO, growth-oriented business leader, and keynote speaker. He is known for his track record of successfully repositioning companies and dramatically improving results while improving the corporate culture. Listed as a Top 100 Leadership Speaker by Inc. Magazine, he is a regular keynote speaker on topics ranging from leadership and personal development to corporate turnarounds and culture change. Harvard Business Review labeled him as a “standout example” of a social CEO and labeled him a “relentless giver.” His Leadership Insights blog has received numerous awards and he has interviewed hundreds of leaders from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to journalist Dan Rather to baseball great John Smoltz. His views have been featured in print and broadcast media including the BBC, the New York Times, CNN, NPR, the Daily Beast, Harvard Business Review, Information Today, the Bookseller, Publishers Weekly,Christian Retailing, and the Library Journal. He lives in Ohio and Tennessee with his wife, Anita, and daughter, Joy.

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