Barbara Scoblic

Barbara Scoblic is a hybrid. Still part country gal after living in New York City for more than fifty years. She was raised on a small farm in South Dakota. From earliest childhood she was alert to the beauties and vagaries of the natural world. She’d head for the woods or the fields, searching for the first flowers of spring. She’d watch as the light of an autumn day turned the color of the cottonwood trees from yellow to gold.

Concurrent with that appreciation of the natural world around her, she grappled with a growing impatience to see what was beyond the farm.

As a young woman, she succeeded. Her drive to break free took her first to Thailand where, as a Peace Corps volunteer she was the sole westerner in a small town. Then on an exhilarating trip with a fellow volunteer, she traveled throughout Asia, the Middle East, and then on to Greece.

Throughout her travels, she always carried her portable typewriter. At night she wrote letters, articles, and poems. Back in the states she described her experiences in a series for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.